Hils på vår utleide konsulent, Shradha

Shradha Rout er en av Hammer & Hanborgs utleide konsulenter, og jobber som Marketing Specialist hos Wallenius Wilhelmsen i Oslo. Etter å ha jobbet i FinTech-området (finansiell teknologi) i åtte år, bestemte hun seg for å prøve noe annerledes. Med ni års arbeidserfaring med å effektivt lede markedsprosjekter, førte reisen henne til Hammer & Hanborg, hvor hun nå jobber som utleid konsulent. Bli kjent med Shradha, hvordan hun trives med å jobbe som konsulent gjennom Hammer & Hanborg, og hva hun ser frem til videre.

Shradha RoutShradha Rout

Who am I?

I am Shradha Rout currently working as a Marketing Specialist at Wallenius Wilhelmsen in Oslo. I have 9 years of work experience effectively managing marketing projects from conception to completion. Originally, I am from India and moved to Oslo in 2013 after I got married. The initial days were tough as I was without a job and friends, and felt extremely homesick. Then I started learning Norwegian and got my first job at Thomson Reuters as a Collaboration Specialist. After four years, I moved to a new position as a Marketing Manager at Infront. I was always very passionate about marketing and communications, especially digital marketing, automation, and lead generation. It was a great learning experience at both companies, and being in the FinTech space for 8 years, I wanted to try something different. Education-wise, I have my Bachelor's in Electronics engineering and MBA with a marketing specialization from India. Having a solid technical background, I am extremely pragmatic and result oriented.

Marketing Specialist at Wallenius Wilhelmsen

I have worked as a Marketing Specialist at Wallenius Wilhelmsen for almost four months now, and it has been very interesting so far. The shipping and logistics world is a whole new space for me, but I am enjoying every bit of it. I have met some people working in this company for more than 30 years; they have a lot of great experiences to share. Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a huge company and spread across different geographies, it has been enticing for me to work with people from different cultures and various countries here. I got a very detailed handover from my previous colleague. Everyone in the company gave me a very warm welcome.

My experience with Hammer & Hanborg

After 8 years in the FinTech space I wanted to try something different and that’s when I came across 2 jobs advertised by Hammer & Hanborg on LinkedIn. I immediately got in touch with Ingrid E. Melbye Olsen via LinkedIn chat and she reached out to me within a few hours. Before reaching out, I heard some great things about Hammer & Hanborg from a colleague who is based in Stockholm, and her feedback really helped me to decide.

I am very satisfied with Hammer & Hanborg; the entire recruitment process was so fast and Ingrid was always available when I wanted to reach out to her for any questions. After I shared my CV, Ingrid described what the role was and she really understood that I was a right fit for the job. My interviews at Wallenius Wilhelmsen progressed quite well and the offer came in at the right time. I was walked through the contract properly and my questions and concerns were answered well. As an employer, they heard my concerns and acted on them immediately. Compensation-wise, I needed no negotiation at all, as my demands were met and Hammer & Hanborg really understood my profile and my worth and lived up to it. The entire process from start to finish was just 10/10.

Bli en del av kandidatnettverket vårt

Hammer & Hanborg er et konsulentselskap spesialisert på rekruttering, organisasjonsutvikling og endringsledelse, med 25 års erfaring i hele Norden. Vi er glade og stolte over å være en del av og gjøre en forskjell i folks yrkesliv. Så stolte at vi har det som vår visjon!


How it is working as a hired consultant

Honestly, this is the first time ever I am a Consultant. In my entire 10 years of career, I have never experienced this earlier. So far it has been good, I wanted to try a different industry and Hammer & Hanborg really helped me achieve this. I really get to experience a new industry and a new style of working. I always have something to look forward to, for example, after one year what’s the next exciting project!

As a consultant at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, I did not see any difference between a permanent employee and a consultant. I was received with a warm welcome, got all the benefits like vaccines, health check-ups, new employee introduction programs and I am invited to all social events. I also have the liberty to share my thoughts openly and if I have more experience in any other project outside of marketing, then I am also very much a part of it.

Consultants at Hammer & Hanborg get invited to events hosted by H&H along with other consultants. This is a good opportunity to connect with others and get to know more about their work. H&H also makes sure to if I am facing any challenges and how the progress is and gives me feedback.

The life as a hired consultant is very flexible, you are not bound to one company and it’s a great platform to try a different industry and if you don’t like it then you can switch easily. Consultants are not treated differently, they are very treated like a permanent employee so do not be afraid that you will feel outcasted.

Shradha RoutShradha Rout

Shradha hosting Diwali celebration at Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Life outside of work

I love cooking Indian cuisine, reading books, gardening in my free time. I am also passionate about Indian classical music, sometimes I spend time singing at home or if I am asked to perform in an Indian gathering then I do that. At Wallenius Wilhelmsen, we celebrated the Indian festival Diwali for the first time in the office and I executed the event very nicely and everyone at the office was super happy and delighted to be a part of the celebration. So planning and executing small cultural events is also something that I do as a hobby.

What I look forward to

After the 2 years of pandemic, there are a lot of things to look forward to. I would like to learn about the new technologies in digital marketing, may be do some courses, attend seminars. In my one year assignment at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, I would like to do my best, use my knowledge to bring in positive changes within marketing and communications. Lastly, learn more from the talented people that work here, gain as much knowledge as I can about the shipping and logistics world.

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